Five Poetry Books I Want to Read Before the End of the Year


I adore poetry and have definitely been picking up more and more this year. Poetry collections are really short and quick to read, and I’m enjoying picking them up alongside a novel. A lot of the poems I have been reading are by modern poets, as I’m finding it easier to purchase modern collections now (I used to have an issue getting hold of modern work). I may love older poetry, but modern poetry is wonderful as it is so unique and often experimental.

  • Red Doc> by Anne Carson – This collection looks very unique and interesting, as the poems are formatted in a way I’ve never experienced.
  • Through the Square Window by Sinéad Morrissey – I’ve read the first couple of poems in here and loved them. I’m so excited to get around to finishing this collection.
  • Happiness by Jack Underwood – This is such a short collection but looks absolutely wonderful.
  • 81 Austerities by Sam Riviere – I’ve heard a lot about his other anthology, but not this one. However, the title grabbed me immediately, hence why I picked it up.
  • Interference Pattern by J. O. Morgan – I’m not entirely sure as to whether this is one single poem or several, as there are no titles. However, it does look unique and very interesting.

Do you have any poetry recommendations that I should pick up? Are there any poetry books you’d like to read soon?


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