Hello… It’s me again

Well, yes, you could say I have my tail between my legs. I’ve not posted anything in the longest time but ANYWAY. I’m back.

There are a few changes around here! You’ll notice the name/domain change, I assume, but the content will be different too. More varied, I suppose.

Since my last post, I’ve graduated uni and moved to the coast. I prefer it here. It’s a fresh start, in my favourite place. I really didn’t want to go back to my hometown after uni – too many faces to avoid and unwanted memories – and my family had been debating moving anyway. So here we are.

I’m now learning about dog behaviour, so I’m sure some of my posts will cover dogs. My Romanian rescue Gianna is my life. I dote on her, so no doubt she’ll make appearances.

I’ll still be talking about books. But other things too: coastal life, countryside living, dogs, writing, mental health, crafts, Lucy Spraggan, and dogs.

I’m excited to get cracking again writing posts. Recently I’ve realised I’ve missed it. I let things hold me back from posting when really I need to block them from my life and carry on with doing this, something that makes me happy.

Speak soon.



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