So I have had a new plan to create videos for some of my poems, especially those aimed mainly at teenagers (like myself) and the issues we face. I’m actually really excited as it’s something completely different for me to do! I started filming one of the videos for a poem called “anonymous” today and I can’t wait to get it onto youtube! Bless, my friends have been amazing, acting out snippets for me to film as part of the video! I’ve only got to write some music now for it… but whether I will or not depends on how the video is when it’s been completely edited (without the music). Anonymous is about cyberbullying which I know is a major issue among those of my age, although I myself have never actually experienced it! (I guess I’m lucky – but I do know someone who wasn’t as fortunate). I wrote the poem just under a year ago and it’s still one of my favourites that I have written. I can’t wait to get this video onto youtube now! x