Update: 100k in the month of May

So, I just thought I’d post a quick update on here as to how I’m doing with my challenge!

Firstly, I’ve beaten my £126 target in donations! To everyone who has donated, thank you so, so much. It honestly means the absolute world to me.

Secondly, I’m currently sitting on 73.76km. Not ideal considering I have six days left, but I’m sure I can manage it. Plus, there is a reason I fell behind.

The last 10k run I did, I must’ve twisted my knee or something of the sort. My knees can play up at the best of times, and I’ve noticed them aching before, usually when walking Gigi downhill (I don’t know, but that seems to be the theme). In my 10k route, there is a steep downhill section. I do slow down here, to relieve the pressure on my joints, but clearly it wasn’t enough.

The following day, I hurt. But I wasn’t surprised. It was my second 10k in years and so naturally I was expecting to feel the consequences, especially after having pushed myself so hard, so quickly. But it was the day after that when I really noticed my knees hurting. Even walking on the flat was sore, let alone up/down stairs. Running was a definite no.

So I took a few days off. I spoke about it on my Instagram account (@natalierunsforbmdr) and a few lovely people reached out to me with advice and suggestions. I now own a knee support, which helps a lot, although I only got one whereas both my knees hurt. A second should be delivered soon. I’m back running now, this time shorter distances and along the local railway (well, was-railway) trail, so it’s flatter. This is definitely helping, and I am determined to complete this challenge.

If there is one thing I can be, it’s persistent. When I set my mind to doing something, it will be done. The reason I’m doing this challenge – to help Barking Mad Dog Rescue – is what motivates me. I will complete it, I can and will push through any pain to continue.

This challenge has made me realise how much I love running too, so that’s another reason I’m determined to get up and carry on.

In a week’s time I’ll be writing a completion post. That is a promise both to you and to myself.

I’ll see you then.



Running 100k in the month of May for charity

I decided I’d do something with my time and raise some money for the charity which rescued Gigi – Barking Mad Dog Rescue. With Covid-19, they’re becoming overwhelmed with the influx of dogs they have and the fact that no dogs can be rehomed at the moment isn’t helping them at all.

Barking Mad Dog Rescue are a charity that rescues dogs in Romania and finds them loving and caring homes in the UK and Germany. Not only that, but they help locals who don’t necessarily have the education on how best to care for their companion. They do amazing work and are incredible people. But as I said, they need help desperately.

Food, vets bills, and other pet supplies don’t come cheap. I promise you even one dog can be expensive!

So this month, I’m challenging myself to run 100 kilometres throughout the month of May. As of today, I’m on 39.11k, actually slightly ahead of schedule!

This challenge is really hard, and it is pushing me to my limits, but knowing I am helping more dogs like Gigi is really motivating.

Gigi is my world. She gets me out of bed in the mornings, offers unconditional love, and never fails to make me smile with her antics.

If you can donate, even the smallest amount, my JustGiving link is this:


If you have instagram, you can follow my progress at @natalierunsforbmdr

If you can’t donate, please share this so that it might reach someone who can. Everything helps at the moment, and myself, BMDR, and the dogs are all so grateful.

Thank you.


Hello… It’s me again

Well, yes, you could say I have my tail between my legs. I’ve not posted anything in the longest time but ANYWAY. I’m back.

There are a few changes around here! You’ll notice the name/domain change, I assume, but the content will be different too. More varied, I suppose.

Since my last post, I’ve graduated uni and moved to the coast. I prefer it here. It’s a fresh start, in my favourite place. I really didn’t want to go back to my hometown after uni – too many faces to avoid and unwanted memories – and my family had been debating moving anyway. So here we are.

I’m now learning about dog behaviour, so I’m sure some of my posts will cover dogs. My Romanian rescue Gianna is my life. I dote on her, so no doubt she’ll make appearances.

I’ll still be talking about books. But other things too: coastal life, countryside living, dogs, writing, mental health, crafts, Lucy Spraggan, and dogs.

I’m excited to get cracking again writing posts. Recently I’ve realised I’ve missed it. I let things hold me back from posting when really I need to block them from my life and carry on with doing this, something that makes me happy.

Speak soon.