Dance in the sky

I’m planning a video soon for a poem that is very close to my heart. I may make a medley of poems, but I’m not sure! It’s written in commemoration of the First World War and it being a hundred years ago. I may make several poems over the course of the four years as it is something that I feel very emotional about due to seeing some of the war graves during a school trip about two and a half years ago to Belgium and Northern France. It was only four (I think) days but it changed how I thought about a lot of things so I’m looking forward to being able to share my emotions and thoughts with others. I have written a lot of poems about the First World War in particular as it’s mainly the Second World War that was focused on during my history lessons and when I went to Belgium it kind of opened my eyes and I realised that the First World War was just as bad, if not worse, so why do we not cover that as much? I only really learnt about the First World War in year nine (I’m going into year twelve)! I’m hoping to get a video up in the next few days but I need to edit the poem itself first!


Dabbling in a foreign tongue

So I decided a while ago to try reading a book in french, as I’m planning on studying french for A level and then hopefully afterwards at university. Needless to say, it’s not easy. So I bought a novel during a trip to Paris (les misérables – an abridged version – I’ve read part one of the english full version) but never actually started to read it. Then I saw the other day a book, although a children’s book, that I had heard was one of those stories that anyone can read and enjoy. However this version was in English so I went onto ibooks and bought the french version and it’s actually pretty good! I’ve read two chapters and I think (think!) I know what is going on! I’m also teaching myself spanish. After going out and purchasing various textbooks and CDs etc I sat down to learn my first phrases. It’s official. I can now say “my name is” and ask somebody their name too. That’s going to be useful. I can’t ask where the nearest hospital is, or order a glass of water, but I can tell someone my name. I’m just hoping that there will be something slightly more practical further through the book as I continue the course. I hope so anyway.