Some of My Favourite Youtubers

I love watching Youtube videos, and I’ve seen quite a few posts by people sharing their favourite you tubers recently. Most recently, my best friend who runs the blog Sprinkled With Words did one (link here). And so I naturally decided to share some of mine.



Here’s the thing. I don’t like children and I don’t find them particularly cute or anything, but this family is honestly adorable. I’ve been watching them for quite a long time now, and their vlogs are just lovely to wind down and watch.




She’s a British booktuber who seems really down to Earth and reads a lot of similar books (contemporary YA) to me, which is fun to watch. I find her videos a lot more calm than some youtubers, and she’s another I like to relax and watch.


photoSprinkled With Words




photo-2Ruby Granger

I’m not organised and often need some motivation to actually get down to work. Ruby somehow manages to study for 12 hours straight (I don’t know either, but hats off to her), and it’s a help. She’s also about to publish an ebook, which is pretty fab.


photo-3Family Fizz

I literally found this channel about a week ago, but I’ve really been enjoying watching some of their videos. They live such a unique lifestyle and are so lovely to watch.


dpHell on Earth

Okay this sounds like a bit of an odd one, but they’re urban explorers. They’re from Yorkshire (if you have even a vague knowledge of British accents you wouldn’t struggle to work that out once you started watching!) and they’re not exactly family friendly in terms of their language. But I’ve got a lot of respect for the way they treat the abandoned buildings (in one video they scared off vandals) and they make some pretty interesting and hilarious videos. They make a pleasant change if I’m feeling like watching something a bit different.

Which Youtubers do you like? Do you have any recommendations? ☺️


Plans For Second Year

It’s odd to think that I’m in second year of university already. For the longest time, uni has been my goal in life; the place I wanted to get to. Many people have jobs or something in much later life that they strive for (maybe travel, family, or career for example), but uni for me was where I wanted to get to. It’s scary to think I’m almost halfway through.

I thought then, after finding study based youtube channels and study grams, that I should plan a bit more, and work out exactly what I want to achieve this coming year.

  1. Be organised and don’t turn up to a seminar not having finished the book. Okay, so I’m pretty sure everyone is guilty of this in some way, and in the first semester I think I made three seminars (in twelve weeks) where I had actually read the book. If that. No, I’m not proud of that at all, and I will say that my second semester was very different – I think there may have been one or two where I hadn’t completely finished a text, and I usually had a good reason too. This year though, I’m reading longer books, especially in my 19th Century Russian Literature module, and there is no way I can read Anna Karenina or Crime and Punishment the night before the seminar – or even the week before for that matter! The improvement I made in the second semester can still be bettered in the new academic year.
  2. Start early with extra reading. I don’t actually mind extra reading and going to the library to find resources, in fact, it’s quite interesting. What I don’t particularly enjoy is reading five books one after the other about Père Goriot because I hadn’t read any previously. I’m thinking even if I’ve read one or two short essays on each book in advance, then it’s something I won’t have to do when I have three summatives due in within three days of each other.
  3. Focus on my health more. Having an autoimmune condition means that I need to keep an eye on my health as best I can. I guess I’m lucky in an odd way in that I get mouth ulcers when I’m run down, so I know when I’m not paying my body enough attention. I’ve recently focused a lot more on healthy eating (I went through a phase of eating so well but this went downhill at uni) and I have felt so much better. Getting enough sleep is a big deal for me too, as I get horrific headaches that border being migraines if I don’t. I also want to exercise more so that I’m not out of breath from walking a short distance, but that’s purely so I don’t look even more like a fool when I’m undoubtably late for a seminar. The final part to this is that I want to focus on my mental health. I’ve had all summer to work out what made me stressed or anxious in first year, and second year I’m going to avoid these things as best as I can.
  4. Make more time for writing. I study a creative writing degree but somehow it’s always the lowest priority. Why? I don’t know. But this needs to change. I’m hoping for an hour a day, but at the moment as much as possible is what is working.
  5. Be more organised. This probably goes without saying, and though I try to be organised, it usually fails. I’ve invested in a bullet journal and it’s already resulted in me making the conscious effort to try and do as much work as possible so that my productivity tracker looks more impressive… I improved massively last year regarding organisation, and this I want to further so that I can have more time for myself and my hobbies, as well as uni.

These are just some things that I’m hoping to focus on when I’m back at uni, and to be honest I’ve already started working on them (I’ve nearly finished the first book for the Russian Lit module🎉).


I’m looking forward to getting back to this gorgeous place – this photo was from an afternoon that I spent reading by the lake on campus.

September TBR 2017

So most of the books on my TBR this month are for uni or because of uni (I will explain, I promise). It’s quite ambitious as most of them are classics, but I need to get to as many as possible to get ahead for my modules! The first three are for my 19th Century Russian Literature module.

Eugene Onegin – Alexander Pushkin

I’ve already started this one and I’m nearly halfway through. I’m actually really enjoying it and the translation is fairly simple to read, there are a few archaic phrases to be a more literal translation but otherwise it’s okay.

A Hero of Our Time – Mikhail Lermontov

Dead Souls – Nikolay Gogol

Les Miserables – Victor Hugo

This one is the ‘because of uni’ one. I always promised myself I’d finish this before I started another long book, namely Anna Karenina or War and Peace. I really want to finish this anyway, as I adore the story and musical and literally anything Les Mis, but Anna Karenina is on my module reading list, so there’s a little pressure there.

Evening Primrose – Kopano Matlwa

When the Floods Came – Clare Morrall

Okay so these last two are both review books that I have been sent, I’ve started them both and they’re both so so good. Very different (I’m struggling to find one I’m truly in the mood for though I think dystopian and When the Floods Came is best suited at the moment) but very good.

Also, I apologise for there being no photo – one may or may not be added in the future, but I’m still setting everything up on my computer at the moment so bear with me. (Also most of them are on iBooks anyway so there is nothing to photograph!) However, I can now insert emojis, so do expect an influx of them on here as I overuse them everywhere else so why not make that the case on here too.😂