Lake District – Day Three

Today we did some work for one of our exams in summer this year – which is based on field work that we have completed. For this we took various measurements of a river in the valley above the field centre we’re staying at.

I tell you, what a difference from yesterday though. The weather, albeit chilly at times, was a vast improvement – it wasn’t as cold, it only spat with rain once and the sun even decided to show its face a couple of times.

The fieldwork itself wasn’t too bad either, apart from a couple of occasions when trying to cross the river (wearing walking boots – I was too lazy to change to my wellies which I carried with me) but other than that it was absolutely fine. 

Tomorrow we’re going into Carlisle, to study population. But it’s a city and I think we’re all craving the feeling of walking through bustling streets (and a number of my friends are desperately planning to buy some fizzy drinks)! 


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