Lake District – Day Four

I have to start by mentioning how gorgeous the weather was today – it was barely chilly and didn’t rain once – today was a good day.

Also, we went into Carlisle. As much as I love the country and think it’s gorgeous there comes a time when I need to be among large numbers of people in a city. We had to fill in some surveys about the local area as part of our population studies but around lunch time we had a few minutes free and so my friend and I got a takeaway!

Doing the survey was interesting too, to be fair. I liked the way that everyone had a section to do and the sheets were simple (too often are we given confusing survey forms which make no sense). It was simple navigation (nothing Google maps couldn’t solve) and so it was a good day. Less physically challenging than the others too.

It’s our last day today, and that makes me kind of sad. I’m just getting used to this place and now my cold has practically gone, I feel like I could do it again! (Hiking with a cold in the rain = not fun)! But I know I would have enjoyed that walk a lot more had I been feeling better! I’m not the only one either.

Tomorrow I’m going to talk about the centre itself more, because I haven’t mentioned it too much and I feel that it deserves more of a mention – especially the staff. Sometime, either tomorrow or Saturday, I’m going to post more of the pictures – because there are some gorgeous ones – the scenery here really is stunning!


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