“Sunlit raindrops”

I don’t know why, but I like this one. My English teacher seemed to like it too. I never liked it much at first, but it grew on me. Here it is – sunlit raindrops:

Their arguments were bitter
and about as silent as a thunderstorm.
They were as persistent as rain;
always at each other’s throats
like Icarus to the sun.
Neither saw the sun’s glow
in the other’s eyes.

Their vision and thoughts were clouded
by the fog of hate.
It’s a pity that the future
is as unpredictable as the weather.
Maybe the rain would have ceased
and the sun lit up the remaining raindrops
a lot sooner.

But, back then, they both would have laughed
at the prospect of each being the sun
in the other’s cloudy world.
Little did they know that not long after
the sun would shine so bright
in their lives.

For about a year
the air began to warm.
The frost thawed.
They began to see one another
in a new light.

Life has a habit of surprising us,
as it did the two.
It was as dazzling as sunlit raindrops
sitting on a window pane
after a storm.
Lightning flashed, but for an altogether different reason.
And although there are some dark days,
when rain and tears fall;
the sun still peers through
and a rainbow is formed.
It shines so bright against the sky,
as bright as the sunlit raindrops.

Copyright © 2013 Natalie Cotterill.

(I just liked the picture as well!)



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