I wander lonely, far and near,
my cheeks are stained from the fall of tears.
I cry for help; my words, a plea,
I beg for someone to set me free.

But no one answers.

Life has become a mystery
to relief there must be a key,
though locked in darkness, it is hidden.
Of fear and pain my life is ridden.

But no help comes.

I want to scream, to shout, to cry,
but silence is what fills my life.
Trapped in a world that I can only hate,
for happiness, I can but wait.

But I’d wait forever.

What can I do? I ask the world
but she turns her back, her actions cold.
I seek life and joy, love and light,
as I enter another dark night.

But no light shines.

Love and hate are different things,
and of the latter my life sings;
sings melodies of hurt and pain,
the haunting lyrics much the same.

But I must listen.

I wish upon a shooting star,
under the moonlight from afar.
Its light fills my fragile soul
yet still it fails to make me whole.

But I am empty.

Each day I search for peace and light,
yet every search is like a fight.
Like this I’ll search for eternity,
unless someone should set me free.

But no one does.

One day I may find life at last
but all my childhood will have passed.
I must find my place in current time
if I want to feel alive.

But it is difficult.

One day I know, I shall be free
and life will be all it can be;
shaped by the past, it will be tough
but I shall fight to make it work.

I’ll forget the doubts, the fear, the ‘but’s,
and open doors that once were shut,
be strong, and fight through anything
so that, of joy, my life can sing.

I can do it.

Copyright © 2013 Natalie Cotterill


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