Walking in Sunshine

IMG_5877 - Version 2

It’s spring! Finally. Every year it gets to this moment and I feel like an eternity is over. Today I went on a dog walk and took a few photos because it was gorgeous and the sun was out. I love the sun. Like, love it. There’s still a chill in the air, but it’s getting warmer, meaning that soon it’ll be vest tops and dresses and sandals (my favourite pair of shoes is a pair of heeled sandals). Daffodils are coming out and they’re so beautiful – they always cheer me up because they make me think of warmth and spring and summer.



The scenery of the walk was gorgeous as well. I’ve walked it several times before, but in the sun it just looked so gorgeous and I loved it. I can’t wait for the summer now. I really cannot wait. This is not a long post this week, because I’ve been planning several others and taking photographs etc. I just wanted to share some of these photos and my enthusiasm for the coming months. Even my stress levels decrease when the sun’s out. AS level exams? Bring them on.


Spring is such a happy season because it promises warmth and sunlight to come. That’s how I see it anyway. It doesn’t seem like long ago since I wrote my Autumn post… And yet it does. I just want spring to stay forever with it’s new life and beauty. One can dream!



Lake District – Day Two

Today was a lot busier than yesterday – we were up at seven and out at nine (after having a pretty good breakfast, I have to say) off walking in an area just south of Keswick. We were out for quite a while and walked up into a corrie (a glacial feature in the tops of mountains). I’m going to be honest and say that the weather most definitely was not on our side, with hail, rain and snow falling upon us… There will be a later blog post contains photos – one which shows a hail storm coming in (which really hurt)! 

The walk was difficult – a poor night’s sleep, slippery footpaths and foul weather all attributed to this. However the views were incredible – as we got higher up it just improved and we could see a ribbon lake in the distance (Derwent water).

After we’d eaten lunch in the corrie, we headed back down, crossing a river in our path. That was eventful; my balance isn’t great at the best of time, let alone on wet rocks! 

We then went to a glacial feature alongside Derwent water which was extremely steep and muddy, but also had some breathtaking views at the top as it was elevated above the area. After that, we headed back to Blencathra Field Centre to go over some notes that we’d made, have dinner, prep for tomorrow’s fieldwork and socialise with friends.