The Epic Riordan Readalong

I’m so, so excited to be writing this post! Hannah over at Sprinkled With Words is hosting a read-along of ALL of Rick Riordan’s books, and I am helping her (kind of).  There are a lot of them (my bank balance is not best pleased with me for all my recent shopping oops), so it’ll be going on until July as we work our way down the list.

I have never read anything by Rick Riordan before, but I started Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief for this event and it’s SO GOOD. Why on earth I didn’t read these books sooner? I do not know. If you haven’t read them before, please do. I know you hear longtime followers of these books going on about them, but I’m beginning to see why.

The Readalong begins with the Percy Jackson series (from the 1st of January), then the Heroes of Olympus, then the Kane Chronicles, Magnus Chase, and finally Trials of Apollo. We will then move onto all of the additional books that accompany the various series.

If you are in the UK, both the and The Works have boxed sets for great prices (that’s where I’ve got three of the complete series from). I’m certain libraries will also have them in stock, as they’re really popular – I know my local library in Norfolk, where I live during term time, even has audiobooks and ebooks to be borrowed.

I genuinely cannot wait to be getting into Rick Riordan’s books after putting them off for such a long time! I’m loving the first one, and I’m hoping they only get better (he’s certainly proved a success after all). Please join us with our Readalong, all the links will be shared at the end of this post. There will be regular videos on the Youtube channel, both updates and more creative works. It would be wonderful to have more people involved!

Anticipate update posts on here, talking about and reviewing the books I’ve read, what’s coming up, and exciting videos on their way. Probably once a month, but this is me, so who knows. As I said (many times), I’m so excited for this (Hannah’s enthusiasm is infectious I swear) and I hope we have more people join us!☺️

Epic Riordan Readalong links:


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