BookTubeAThon Wrap-Up 2016

Okay, so I admit now that I didn’t read as many as I’d hoped, but I was busier than I expected to be. I was on holiday so anticipated a lot of reading time but that time was spent doing other things, so I don’t mind too much! I finished three books and 60% of a fourth, which I’m pretty pleased with, if I’m honest. Here are the books I read and the challenges they completed.


Lolita – Vladimir Nabokov

I read this one first in the readathon, which was probably my downfall as it took me five days as I didn’t want to read it when I was tired. It was a fantastic book, but it required a little more dedication than I could give whilst half asleep, as the writing begs for your attention. It’s weird, but it’s good. 4/5 stars.

Challenges it completed: Read a book older than you.

Broken Dolls – Tyrolin Puxty

I read this as an ebook as I was sent it back in January for review. It was pretty good, though I did have some problems with it (a review should come fairly soon, but I’ve been pretty awful with review writing recently so who knows). 3/5 stars.

Challenges it completed: Read a book after sunset, read a book you found through booktube (from watching Benjaminoftomes).

One – Sarah Crossan

This was so good, and a very quick read. I managed to get it in on the sunday to complete another book, even though it brought me to tears. 4.5/5 stars.

Challenges it completed: Read a book with yellow on the cover.

60% of Breakfast of Champions – Kurt Vonnegut

Vonnegut is definitely one of my all-time favourite authors. He’s just such a skilled writer and his work is so satirical and ironic. I highly recommend anything by him (though I’ve only read Slaughterhouse 5 and Breakfast of Champions so far – I finished BOC today on Tuesday). 5/5 stars.

Challenge it went towards: Read a book by your favourite author.

I pretty happy with the amount that I managed to read. I would have loved to have read more, but I’m not too fussed as I’m now back on track with my goodreads goal (finally!). Did you participate? How many did you read?



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