Finally Getting My Act Together

So I would feel awkward if I just suddenly got back to how I want my blog to be with regular posts etc without writing something to a) apologise for my long, long absence and b) explain where I’ve been and what I’ve got planned.

So… Sorry about my long absence, it should not happen again because I never have exams again. Never has an apology felt so good.

As you can probably guess, I have been doing exams. Nine and a half hours of sitting in silence (except for one of them where a bunch of year sixes were allowed to run riot right outside the door to the exam room, whilst screaming at each other) and I am now free. I have my leavers’ assembly and meal this Thursday, though if I’m brutally honest I’m not bothered about going at all. It’s just something I feel I have to go to. And I need to give my textbooks back.

But yes, come September I will be starting university *cheers*. I have been lucky enough to get an unconditional offer for my dream course so I will definitely be starting at UEA, which makes me extremely excited, as I’ve already met a load of people on my course, and they’re all so so lovely. I will be studying English Literature with Creative Writing (no surprise there) and my course (here’s the exciting bit) is assessed just by coursework. Meaning I won’t disappear for three months. Maybe two weeks if I’m disorganised and don’t schedule any posts (because this is me we’re talking about, and I have the organisational skills of a loaf of bread).

I will, at some point, be starting my youtube channel again, though I think I want to get back to normal with my blog first as I don’t want to bite off more than I can chew as I’d like some reading time too – I need to catch up with my goodreads goal (though I’m only four books behind, which I’m pretty pleased about). Or I may start initially with a video every two weeks. I’m not entirely sure yet (see my previous comment about my organisational skills).

So yes, I think that’s all for now. I do plan (hopefully) on sharing some more of my creative work on here, be it responses to prompts in some of my creative writing books (which I can finally use), or something I’ve written off the top of my head. I also may branch out from books from time to time, though I’m unsure. I’ve made some big changes in my life recently that I’d love to share with you as I’ve been surprised by how easy they have been to make. Obviously come September I will talk about uni, I mean, I talk about it constantly now.


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