Top 3 January Reads 2016

It’s so strange writing 2016, and although I’ve written other posts with the year on I’m not used to it yet. I had a good reading month this month, which is surprising. I read nine books, which I’m really thrilled with as I only normally read this many over summer, so that’s a great achievement. Some of them were fantastic as well. These were difficult choices.


BronzeBetween Shades of Gray – Ruta Sepetys

This story was absolutely beautiful and I learnt so much about something I never even knew happened. The writing I found to be a little simple at times, in a way that I felt didn’t do the events justice, but this was only at a couple of points and I really did love this book.

SilverIn a Land of Paper Gods – Rebecca Mackenzie

This book was amazing. Just, I have no words. I do plan on writing a review soon as it was very kindly sent to me for review, but at present I don’t know how to put my feelings into words. I loved reading about something I had no idea of (missionaries in China) and it’s made me want to learn so much more about what it was like. The writing was incredible, as was the story, the character development, the setting – you get the idea. It would be number one if I hadn’t read the following book.

GoldFahrenheit 451 – Rad Bradbury

This is a perfect example of small but perfectly formed. It’s not long, but it’s so good. There are so many quotes in this book that I have marked with tabs, because they ring so true, even though it’s a dystopian. I adore adult dystopian novels (the thought-provoking, contemplate society pessimistically kind) and this was no exception. The world in the book is so possible, and that scares me, because I love my books. This is one of my favourite books of all time, and I shall undoubtedly reread it again and again; it’s definitely up there with To Kill a Mockingbird – which is my absolute favourite book.


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