Back to Normal?

I haven’t disappeared completely, but I have been inactive and I’m terribly sorry. I’ve just been so busy at the moment – November was NaNoWriMo and this month I’ve been drowned by essays (honestly I’ve had four and then I’ve had to plan another and my coursework, on top of other homework) but I’ve got half of one left (which I’m putting off doing by writing this) and then my coursework plan (ditto) and then I’m done.

Next week I should be able to read, write and plan / write blog posts (and take photos in this atrocious light), which will be great. I’m getting so many books for christmas / my birthday (the 29th – I cannot wait to be 18!) and I want to get my TBR down.

I have set up an Instagram / bookstagram account for my blog which is @bookographic if you want to follow! I’m trying to do a couple of the challenges on there but they aren’t going so well due to lighting when I get back from school and the amount of essays I’ve had.

I’m already planning my goals for next year in terms of my blogging, reading and writing, and I’m very excited. I’m also starting uni and I cannot wait. This year I aimed to reach a thousand total views on here by the end of the year and I’m on 1,200+ and I’m so grateful to everyone who has viewed / commented / liked / followed this. It means a huge amount.

Anyway, I’m hoping to get back to the normal 2-3 posts a week schedule soon, once I have the time to sit and write reviews again (and actually read books so I can review them – 2 books last month was awful!) It may be January by the time that happens, but I’ll be writing them over the christmas holiday to at least cover January, if not part of February too!

Thank you for staying with me, I promise I’ll get my act together soon! 🙂


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