Book Buying Problem?!

Okay, so another really quick post – but oh well! I want to finish BookTubeAThon before I spend time focusing on a review because otherwise I’ll find myself rushing the review!

Recently I have bought SO many books. I don’t mean one or two, or even five. In the last two weeks (I think) I’ve bought… Wait for it… NINETEEN books. Oops. But can you blame me? There are so many good books and yeah… *sighs*

So that happened, and now I’ve run out of space on my bookshelf. I’d only just sorted it out as well… Please tell me that it’s not just me who empties (well, move a few books from the main bookshelf into another room) their shelf and promptly fills it again? It’s just too tempting. Especially when there is a 10% discount on the Book Depository because of BookTubeAThon… (I took advantage of that pretty much immediately and bought 8 books…).

I think I may have a book buying problem… Surely it’s not normal to purchase 19 books in two weeks. Haha! I’m just so excited for them all to be delivered and then I will film a book haul on my youtube channel I think! Does anyone else feel the urge to just buy all of the books?!


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