My Changing Reading Habits

This won’t be a long post but it was something that I wanted to talk about on here. I realise that sounds really ominous when it’s actually about something positive!

I went through a stage where I didn’t read a lot a couple of years ago. I sort of fell out of love with books and english. I just had no motivation to read and I found myself either re-reading old books or not reading at all.

This year, however, my passion (yes, that sounds cheesy. No, I don’t care) for literature and reading has resurfaced. I want to study english again at university, which I have wanted to do for years (with the exception of last year).

But why?

Well, I’d say that there are two main reasons that I love reading again, along with it being something that I have always loved anyway.

The first is that I have really good english teachers this year and the course is also better, so that could be one of the reasons that I prefer AS / A level English to GCSE.

The second is creating this blog and using it more as a place to share my opinions on books with people who are actually interested, rather than with my friends who rarely read. I have also got my youtube channel, which is another fantastic platform for talking about books with those who are interested, getting recommendations and challenging myself.

For both of these things, I am extremely grateful. Without them, I’m not sure that I would want to study english and so I would have taken a subject that in reality is not what I wanted to do most of all.


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