My Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece – Annabel Pitcher


Genre: Young adult (but the type of book anyone can read and enjoy).

Target age: I would say anyone.


Summary: ‘My Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece’ is about a young boy, Jamie, who is learning a lesson about grief from his parents who are mourning their daughter’s (his sister) death. He is trying to understand what is going on in his family and why his parents act in certain ways.

My opinion: This is one of those heart-warming books which can bring out all sorts of emotions. Jamie is such a loveable character and he’s so innocent. I absolutely adore books that are written from a young child’s perspective, hence I loved this book. I read it a while ago – last summer – but it’s one of those books that I will definitely go back to and read again as it made such a big impression on me. Annabel Pitcher is an author who I’d heard so many good reviews about, but I’d never read anything she’d written, so last summer I saw this book and bought it… Now her other book “Ketchup clouds” is sitting on my bookshelf, waiting to be read. I love the narration of this novel; it perfectly captures the ten-year-old innocence, the confusion, the anger and all of the other emotions. It’s not a long book – I read it in a day – but I was on holiday, with nothing else to do other than sit back and read, so that’s probably why. It was a good holiday read though; I guess if you want something mindless and not at all heavy then this isn’t the best choice, but it’s not a bad one either. If you don’t want to read it on holiday, I would definitely say read it when you get home! I think there are some books that are aimed at a target audience, such as young adult, like this one, however they can be read and enjoyed by anyone of any age. This is one of those books for sure. Whoever you are, if you want a book to read, then give this a go. I really did enjoy it.

Rating: 4/5.




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