Page Talk

So coming up this half term is a writing week for young people in Staffordshire. The event is called Page Talk, and lasts for five days in Stafford. There will be established writers who have had things published, working alongside the young people in the workshops. Personally, I think this sounds like a fantastic opportunity and I have been to the place where the workshops are held and it is gorgeous – a wonderful place to work! Anyone reading this post who is aged 12-16, I’d take a look because it really does sound interesting! There is a Facebook page for the event (just search page talk), as well as a twitter account: – definitely worth a follow! It costs £25 per person however for a week with professionals that is pretty good!

The website for the event is:

You complete various tasks through the week and then on Saturday 1st November you can showcase your work at a festival which finishes the week off perfectly!



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