My 2016 Goals

Instead of resolutions, I’ve created some goals that I want to achieve in 2016. I always fail when it comes to resolutions and never complete them, which only leads to disappointment at the end of the year and so I feel that setting these goalsĀ gives me something ambitious but realistic to aim for.

  1. Finish my first novel. (The first draft of it that is!)
  2. Reach a total of 2,500 views on here. As of the end of December I’ve had 1,254 views, so I’m aiming high. If the views keep as they have been for the past few months though this is easily achievable.
  3. To write and publish 100 blog posts. That works out at about two a week. I do aim for three but that’s not always possible so I think two is better as then there will be some weeks with three and others with none.
  4. To read 75 books. In 2015 I read 57, and I want to beat this as I read barely anything at the start of the year so I’m hoping next year will be even better (I’m pretty pleased with the amount I read as I achieved my goal of 50).
  5. To gain 15 new followers on either WordPress or Bloglovin’. That’s a push, but anything can happen I suppose! I’ve gained more this year than I thought I would and so why not set one target which is slightly more ambitious?!

Have you set yourself any goals this year? I’ll try to do an update either halfway through the year or after three months, it depends how much has changed.

Thank you to everyone who has added to my views, or followers or has commented. I’m so grateful. And to everyone who reads this – Happy New Year! x